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With S1000D it is more than just understanding the specification or buying the latest software! It’s about understanding the role of software, the role of S1000D, what is possible and making sure the S1000D building blocks are in place before you start – anything else is doomed to failure! With S1000D there are no shortcuts. – Michael Ingledew – MD – TDW

What is S1000D?

ASD S1000D is an internationally recognised specification for the procurement and production of technical publications.

Fundamentally it is based on XML (older versions SGML) and attempts to employ the write once use many philosophy adopted in other tech data approaches.

Getting Help!

If you are embarking on or simply upgrading an S1000D project it is important to get the right help.

Jumping from older versions of S1000D to newer versions is complex and often requires some domain expertise to assist in the thought process and business decision making process.


Simply buying an S1000D software solution is not the road to success on any S1000D project. Whilst the majority of the software tools perform the same or similar tasks it is important that your tech data management and production team is well versed in S1000D philosophy and process.

S1000D Consulting

More complex S1000D projects will require some deep thinking, larger platforms, multi-contributor projects, low-skilled teams all make for a deeper domain expert to advise on a correct and business sensible adoption of the specification.

S1000D strengths lie in tying information to product, systems ad sub-systems, however this does introduce limitations. S1000D information is produced and identified in a very specific way, uniquely identifying information, making management complex but useful.

The ASD S1000D specification is a free to use specification and is controlled and managed by a central steering group supported by multiple working and special interest groups.

Starting a new project is often like looking into the abyss – not sure where to start, how and why! The S1000D specification is a Technical Specification and not an implementation guide – therefore to use the specification there is an assumption the reader has a degree of S1000D knowledge and understanding.

Many organisations offer S1000D support, training and resources. TDW is the only organisation that offers independent and agnostic training, advice and guidance on the correct use of the S1000D specification.

Getting it wrong WILL cost your project dearly, simple steps to avoid are communicated on TDW S1000D training courses and will aid with a rapid adoption of the specification without the need for ad hoc problem solving.

Simple things like understanding the S1000D codification process, the role of software and how to deploy the S1000D data as a final product are all complex issues that TDW train in a simple and easy to understand way!

Understanding how S1000D interacts, integrates and supports other specifications is a key component of any organisations understanding of S1000D. S1000D in isolation is complex, add in the supporting specifications and it becomes a complex rats nest!

The advantage of engaging with TDW on such a business critical task is that TDW is 100% agnostic in terms of service and/or software solutions. Aligning your business processes to S1000D process and then to software is not an easy task. TDW will help you align all these vital and fundamental processes to help you get to where you need!