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Independent advice and guidance, without agenda!

Our mantra is “Independent advice and guidance”, we have nothing to share and sell other than our knowledge and know how. We have no hidden agenda in selling S1000D software solutions, nor do we have a vested interest in you selecting one solution over another. Simple, straightforward advice and guidance that comes from decades of supporting those that actually ‘do’ S1000D.

S1000D Training

Independent training is a must when adopting S1000D. Our training puts the S1000D specification at the heart and not software solutions, providing you with the right knowledge to make the best and fully informed decisions for your projects.

Advice & Guidance

We have been providing 100% independent advice and guidance to our global network for over 20 years. We are the independent voice of reason on shoulders of our customers, providing the questions to ask and seeing through the flannel!


Closely supporting our customers on their journey is a key indgredient to our success. We have supported all levels of organisation from government down to those small SMEs starting their S1000D adoptions.

Software Selection

Whether you are looking for you first S1000D software solution or replacing existing software solutions, we have developed the most comprehensive set of check-lists and questions to make sure you are making the right decisions.

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World-class independent training

We have developed the most comprensive, colourful and engaging training courses to deliver the right results. all of our material in in-house developed to provide the best in learning experiences. Our training has been developed to target the specific functional roles within a typical S1000D project. From contracting for S1000D through to those that actually write the content of our data modules.


Our classroom courses are designed with the student in mind. Sitting through hours of PowerPoint is not the best way to learn complex and often dull subjects. We use a mixture of theory and practical examples to keep the audience engaged.


We have developed the only online learning resource to the S1000D community. TDW+ is our learning portal that provides a library of learning resources to our network. One simple annual subscription and you are away!

Live Sessions

Not only do we provide deep and interactive classroom and pre-recorded sessions. Through the use of our learning portal and streaming capability, we deliver the only deeply engaging online live sessions for our clients


No pun intended, but all of our courses are modular by design. We did this knowing our customers will require us to focus on some topics and remove areas that are not of interest. We deliver S1000D courses that meet your business needs.

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Don't take our word for it! Some feedback we have had...

Technical Author

I was dreading this training when I was told I had to attend. Easily the best S1000D training I have attended, thank you for making a dull subject fun, colourful and relevant.

Project Manager

You gave us much food for thought and have helped us make the right decisions, we were about to buy software and now we are having to think again – much appreciated

Tech Pubs Manager

What I loved about your training is the real-world aspect, not just the theory regurgitated. Clearly deeply passionate about the subject and it came through all week


We needed to understand the level of effort and investment for our organisation, you made it clear and removed all of the noise. We now know what’s involved.