The IPS Toolkit for S1000D Projects

What is the IPS Toolkit for S1000D?

The IPS Toolkit for S1000D has been developed through years of supporting clients get started with S1000D. The toolkit is designed to work on MindManager and is a set of visual maps that support the definition, set-up and collaboration of fundamental S1000D building blocks for use. The core focus of the IPS Toolkit is to make S1000D understandable, providing easy-to-use tools to support your projects set-up.

Key S1000D Features of the IPS Toolkit

Define Business Rules

Deciding and defining your S1000D projects business rules, set priority, severity, custom codes for your projects. Export the map to a Business Rules Document that may then be shared with colleagues, partners and suppliers.

Define SNS Structures

Whether using S1000D managed or project specific Standard Numbering Systems. The IPS Toolkit SNS builder allows projects to quickly and visually structure a product definition. Easy export options as well as map sharing.

Define your DMRL

A fundamental of all S1000D projects is the scoping of our projects. Defining a DMRL is made easier with the IPS Toolkit. Define your DMRL from the standard DMRL Map or add  data module entry elements into your SNS map.


Defining an S1000D projectis often a collaborative endeavour. Using MindManager capability, share your maps online and interactive. Gather feeback and input in to your project configurations with your wider IPS team.


The IPS Toolkit is based on MindMapping technology. The tool of choice for the IPS Toolkit is MindManager. You can request a free trial of both the IPS Toolkit and MindManager from the IPS Toolkit website.

TDW+ Members

TDW+ Members have access to the IPS Toolkit for MindManager as part of your subscription. Please note that you must have/purchase a licence of MindManager.