About Us – The TDW Story

Technical Documentation World (trading as Tech Data World (TDW)) started our journey in 2010. Our goal and vision was to deliver to the aerospace, defence and space domains, independent advice and guidance around product support. Talking with our clients we knew there was a need for a trusted organisation to give independent advice and guidance. Advice and guidance that had no hidden agenda.

We have become the only trusted name and brand supporting clients world-wide make the right decisions, be it software identification, specification adoption or simply a sounding board for product support specialists on where to go.

In the last few years we have seen the role of support information change, how the Internet of Things, technology, capability and corporate desire has significantly changed the emphasis on data, what we can do with this data and how our users wish to use it.

The role of standards and specifications are influencing how we could be supporting our products. TDW helps advise clients (with the support of our specialist network) to make the right decisions for their products and organisations.

Our strapline “without agenda” means we have nothing more than our knowledege and experience to share with our network.