A2Z – D of S1000D

A2Z of S1000D – “D”

A2Z – D – This week I take you out for breakfast and look at the “D” of the A2Z of S1000D – but what made it into our “D” list? Enjoy a snippet of the glorious Chichester and we head into Bills for our breakfast and the second best coffee in Chichester!

This week I talk about all of the D’s as well as the “Does” that have signed up to the TDW Newsletter – are you all related?

Watch now to learn more, but what would make it in to your “D” list? Send your comments to michael@s1000dworld.com

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I am blown away by the level of interest in these blogs – thank you to everyone who is supporting the work we are doing at TDW and those of you who have sent in your comments around this series, I am glad you are enjoying these as much as I am enjoying putting them together – Mike

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