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For me it’s about understanding an organisations need, desires and goals – then I arm them with the right questions to ask – helping them see through sales and marketing noise to achieve our collective aim.

A great deal of my time is spent answering questions from my network on the ‘how’ of technical publications as well as the specifics of S1000D.

Questions can range from the specific adoption of S1000D or similar specifications, right up and to which is the best software for an organisation to invest.

While it is vital that my clients understand what to do with S1000D and how to maximise the benefits while minimising the impact of the various downsides, technology is critical, and we need to be aware of how it affects our discipline.

I get frustrated when I am invited into organisations and see how badly they have been ‘sold’ or incorrectly advised. I have seen everything from inapropriate software advice up to hard-selling against S1000D for entirely the wrong reasons.

Software Identification & Selection

Over the years I have developed a bank of questions and selection tools to help organisations maximise their investment in software. The reality and dynamics of the S1000D market is that messaging is very vendor heavy. Speak to any software vendor and they have the best tools to help you on your journey. With a few targeted questions, we can get through the sales pitches and get to how the software can make you successful.

Process Adoption & Implementation

Modern information production methodologies along with modern tools require a mindset change to how we procure, produce and deploy our information assets.

Often I am asked to review, updated or create modern and robust processes for technical publications departments to aid with the success of information production and deployment.

Innovation & Forward Planning

Not only do I get excited and animated about information and importantly the psychology of information, but it is also important to understand the technology landscape.

I like to keep an eye on technological innovations and importantly align them to how it will affect the technical communication market. Users and user needs are changing, we as communicators need to be aware of the landscape.