Compare S1000D XML structures – for FREE

Compare S1000D structures for FREE

Compare S1000D structures for FREE – One of our [technical authoring] day-to-day tasks especially when working with S1000D XML or indeed any other XML structures, is the ability to compare XML documents quickly and easily.

Often there may be some changes hidden deep within XML structures that are really difficult to locate. The ability to quickly identify where these changes may exist within a structured document (without having to spend hours trying to find them with the naked eye) is a key tool that we must have within our arsenal.

In this tutorial I show you how I use an open and free tool (with a FREE plugin) to achieve just this – a simple comparison that quickly identifies the changes within my XML, where text was changed, where it was deleted and of courses added.

In this short example, I use NotePad++ and a free Compare plugin to show you the changes in an S1000D Data Module. This tool is widely used by many in the S1000D production and management process, if you’re not using it, then maybe take a look, it may just save you a great deal of time and effort.

What tools do you use? Let me know I would love to hear and maybe even do a tutorial or two based on your suggestions.

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