Create an S1000D DMRL for Component Manufacturers

Create S1000D DMRL for Component Manufacturers – Component manufacturers are often required to create an S1000D DMRL (Data Management Requirement List) or if you prefer and are old school, Data Module Requirement List. Whatever we decide to call it, the role of the DMRL is primarily one that provides clarity and visibility to all project stakeholders of information content scope.

On all S1000D projects, the DMRL is key and core to planning and production. There are many methods we can use to create a DMRL; however, in this tutorial, I am coming at the problem from the component suppliers deeper in the supply chain.

The further down the information supply chain we go, the DMRL is a requirement often forced upon us from up high. Our direct customer or platform integrator requires a DMRL from critical partners on the project. What we tend to see is part of the contracting requirement is to deliver and agree to a DMRL, so we are clear about what is going to be created and supplied. It’s far easier for integrators and partners to delegate the production of a DMRL to individual component manufacturers. All things considered, this makes a tremendous amount of sense.

In this tutorial, I look at a method I use to teach component manufacturers the DMRL. Covering the tools I use, how to visualise the DMRL, and how we can then turn that into a CSDB object ready for use.

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What tools or methods do you use to create your DMRL? Let me know!

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