Episode #2 of the TDW Show

Episode 2 of the TDW Show is now available on YouTube, in the TDW app or via your TDW free account on our website. Unfortunately, in this episode, we were not able to include the interview we had planned for this show due to the current global pandemic. In this show, we look at the technical role of the S1000D Common Source Database. Why organisations feel that they do not need to invest in this tool, we change the emphasis of the question. Ciaran Dodd continues her journey through the alphabet with the second part of the A2Z of Simplified Technical English series.
Episode 2
We also look at some more tools for technical communication and the screen capture software we use at TDW. We also mention and discuss some essential news items, the upcoming S1000DWorld Practitioners Semina. A brand new free tutorial on Augmented Reality in the context of Technical Publications. Corel Software is looking for BETA testers for the latest release of their flagship software. Mike mentions in Episode 2 how you can now access several free resources on the TDW website and what will also be available in Episode #3 of the TDW Show. During April Mike delivered a live session of our Understanding XML and S1000D Training course to a global attendee list, generating some interesting questions. We plan to provide another live course for those in the Australian time-zone. Contact us at Tech Data World if you would like to know more about how you can join the class. The current global situation has changed how we will continue to develop and deliver content to our clients and the wider TDW network. At TDW, we are already developing a new resource tool that will be widely available for the community to access and use. Make sure you follow, like, share and subscribe to all our channels to and receive notifications when new and fresh content is released. Create your free TDW account by registering for the S1000DWorld Practitioners event, complete the latest TDW survey into Augmented Reality, and we will give you access to the AR tutorial when it is released. Stay safe wherever you are in the world, and please send your questions and comments to us at TDW. Consider Joining TDW as a full member. Watch now via the TDW App, via the TDW Resources Portal or YouTube