Frequently Asked Questions

We are not Europe based will you travel to us?

Yes, I support clients worldwide – I have been lucky enough to support projects globally.

What do you mean by 100% independent and neutral?

Essentially it is what it says on the tin! I do not, nor will I accept finders fees, introduction fees or any kind of sales incentives if I introduce a supplier to your organisation – the moment I do I am unable to state that I am independent.

I get offers all of the time to be a partner/reseller with associated incentives – to date – all have been turned down.

What's included with your training?

Well, not only do you get a fantastic, enthusiastic and entertaining trainer – you get full course material, examples, access to the TDW Magazine as well as post course support.

Do you think S1000D is sensible?

We cover S1000D and its SWOT analysis on my courses – so sign up!

I am not convinced S1000D is right for us - can you help?

I am more than happy to have a short call with you to discuss your organisation and what it is you are trying to achieve – drop me your contact number.

Do you answer questions for free?

Essentially I try to field questions as best as I can – send them in and if I think that they are good enough to warrant a tutorial and it will benefit the wider community – then sure – send it in.

If however it is free online consulting – there is only so much I can do for free – sorry

I would like to invite you in to our organisation - what are your fees?

Drop me an email and I am happy to discuss fees with you – it depends on where you are and how long you want me to come in for. Look forward to hearing from you.

Would you be interested in presenting at our conference?

Always happy to spread the love – drop me a note and I will check my availability.

Do you use software on your training courses?

I do indeed – I have some S1000D tools, I also have some FREE and low-cost tools that I use during the training – where there is software used – I tell you about it and how you too can access it.

Do you offer bespoke training?

Essentially all of my training courses are bespoke – I have a core set of learning modules that we then use for each individual clients purposes – most clients have their own specific need.

We have no idea where to start with S1000D!

No need to worry – we start with the absolute basics and work our way up – you’ll be fine!