Independent S1000D Training

Independent S1000D Training – why?

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Independent S1000D training is essential, and here’s why.

Removing all external factors and influence affecting your perception and understanding of S1000D is critical. With the best will in the world asking a car salesman which car is best for me will result in one answer, his.

The same is true for the S1000D market, ask any of the tool providers, which are the best solutions on the market, you will receive one answer, theirs. Years of experience has taught me that this answer often has let the client down and ultimately failed their projects. The knock-on from this is that S1000D receives a bad press and will not air again for future projects.

Independent S1000D Training
With independent S1000D training, it is essential to cover all of the options available to us in the S1000D specification. We must understand how S1000D supports the production of modern technical publications and support information.

Not only is it essential to understand what is possible when adopting S1000D, but what is also practical.

Blindly following what the specification says is as dangerous as not understanding it at all. Independent training delivered by those that have real-life production and delivery experience is critical.

When should this training take place?

Ideally, this training should take place well before any software selection has happened. Independent S1000D training will arm you with the right questions to ask prospective software suppliers. Once you understand what you can achieve with S1000D, you can then decide what features of S1000D you will use and ask your vendor how they support it.

If you have already selected an S1000D software solution before receiving independent S1000D training, the best option is to have the S1000D training delivered by your chosen vendor. This way, you can align S1000D to the software. Taking independent S1000D training after selecting a vendor will only likely result in a ‘look at what you could have had’ situation.

At Tech Data World, we receive many questions asking us why their vendor of choice is actively selling against using some of the more complex areas of the S1000D specification. Invariably this is down to one or two simple facts; they are not supporting it or have no idea why it is in the S1000D specification. They do not have practical experience.

Independent S1000D training can only be delivered by those that are free from the influence of external fees, software sales and commissions. If a trainer or vendor suggests on their website that they are independent, make sure they are. Software companies hiding behind the independent word is infuriating to those who genuinely are independent.

Lastly, it is also critical to know if S1000D is the right fit for you and your technical documentation needs. What are the alternative options open to us? S1000D is not for everyone and everything, you need to see if it will work for you. A car salesman who says there may be a better car in another showroom to fit my needs is hard to find but will usually win in my book.

At TDW, we pride ourselves in our official independent stance. We have no alliance with or allegiance to any individual S1000D vendor, tool or process. We take zero finders fees, commissions or kick-backs. Make sure your trainer can say the same.

If you would like to learn more about the independent S1000D training delivered both online and in the classroom – please go here. Access free S1000D tutorials here.