Supporting our network through difficult times

During these difficult and challenging times, we are working with our member network and supporters to continue to deliver focused content online that enables us all to continue to develop our skills and knowledge while remote working.

We are working on a series of items adding value to you, your organisation and your projects.

Some of the ideas we are currently working on include an online S1000D Practitioners Seminar – a number of our members have already agreed to support this idea. Announcements to follow in the next few days on how this develops.

We continue to develop tutorials to YouTube as well as more specific content to TD-iQ. We are using this unfortunate global challenge to refresh some of our older tutorials with more modern and up-to-date examples.

To enable us to deliver what our network needs, we ask that you spare two minutes of your time to complete this very short survey. Your answers will guide our focus and short-term content delivery strategy.

Many thanks – Mike