Lockdown Learning

Lockdown Learning is the new norm and is being embraced by most of us as we find ourselves in the current new working environment norm. The majority of us now have some additional capacity or opportunity to hone, develop and learn new specific domain skills.

The technical data field is not immune to the harsh and challenging times we all currently face around the world. The commercial aerospace sector is already feeling a deep crisis, a crisis that is estimated by some to continue for at least the next five years. Staff laid off, furloughed, and contracts cancelled is a mark of this new aerospace normality. Some believe that we are now seeing only the tip of the iceberg heading towards commercial aerospace.

Many commercial air operators are planning a restructuring of their businesses with some expecting around 30% of staff reductions, reductions in service offerings and at the more extreme cancelling routes and closing airport operations.

Dominant operators, manufacturers and the product and information supply chain as a whole are in the midst of a current deep cutting market crises that is going to affect us all in the tech data domain leaving an air of uncertainty and worry.

Many individuals have contacted TDW looking for work or advice on developing new vital skills that will open employment opportunity both in the short and longer-term.

This troubling market situation has prompted us at TDW to take what we have learned from recent market trends and where we believe technical information is going and collate this into a short video.

In this tutorial, we look at the five top skills you could be developing to open opportunity now and in the future. Mike looks at the more accessible skills to build, offering access to free resources and then looks at some of the more technical expertise to consider.

Watch the full video now for free on the TDW portal.