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Practitioner-led S1000D training

All of our S1000D training is delivered in a fun and engaging way, we do not bore our students to sleep with PowerPoint slides. All of our material is in-house developed, supported with animations and real-world examples. We learn the fundamentals and progressively build to make sure you fully understand the why and how

We train all levels of S1000D stakeholders:

          • Contracting teams
          • Technical authors
          • Project Managers
          • Software engineers

Our mantra is “Independent advice and guidance”, we have nothing to share and sell other than our knowledge and know how. We have no hidden agenda in selling S1000D software solutions, nor do we have a vested interest in you selecting one solution over another. Simple, straightforward advice and guidance that comes from decades of supporting those that actually ‘do’ S1000D.

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How we deliver training


The classroom is our home and where we come alive. We deliver fun and engaging content to keep even the most experienced learner engaged.


For those that prefer to learn online, we have converted our classroom courses to online live sessions, supported with material to keep the learner’s attention.


All of our training courses are supported by real-world examples and colourful handouts. The practical courses (authoring) are supported by learning knowledge bases.


Beyond the classroom is what makes us different. We do not believe the learning ends when the course finishes. All students have access to TDW post-course!

Don't take our word for it! Some feedback we have had...

Technical Author

I was dreading this training when I was told I had to attend. Easily the best S1000D training I have attended, thank you for making a dull subject fun, colourful and relevant.

Project Manager

You gave us much food for thought and have helped us make the right decisions, we were about to buy software and now we are having to think again – much appreciated

Tech Pubs Manager

What I loved about your training is the real-world aspect, not just the theory regurgitated. Clearly deeply passionate about the subject and it came through all week


We needed to understand the level of effort and investment for our organisation, you made it clear and removed all of the noise. We now know what’s involved.