Selecting the right S1000D & Tech Pubs Software

Selecting the right software tools for your projects and organisations can be fraught with obstacles and longterm minefields.

A significant part of my working day is advising clients on the best and appropriate software for their technical documentation requirements, including S1000D, ATA and DITA support.

Over the years, I have developed a bit of a sixth sense for aligning and selecting the right tools to the corporate technical publication need. I have developed a knowledge bank that is second to none packed with the right questions to ask as well as some of the things you must consider before sending a purchase order to anyone.

Often I may ask the obvious questions that are that obvious they have been missed, but most importantly, I ask the questions that you MUST be focusing on asking as well as some tips on getting the selection process right.

In this short video, I look at things from the S1000D Bike Data, through to support contracts and licensing requirements. Of course, I am not giving away everything that I would look at, but this gives you some insight as to how I work and support my clients to achieve software success!

Make sure you download and install the TDW app – search “Tech Data World” in the store of your choosing.

Join us at TDW-Live this year where I will be presenting all the updates from the technical communications market as well as some technology advancements that I believe we must be aware of.