The S1000D Process Data Module and CBM+

Changing Role of the Technical Publication – The traditional technical publication is a vibrant and abundant source of support information, from spares to skills and configuration to fault finding, the value of the information contained within quality technical publications is undeniable.

The fact that the technical publication today is produced very differently to traditional monolithic and [dumb] flat production methods. Leveraging capabilities such as XML (eXtensible Mark-up Language) presents opportunity far beyond the printed and maintainer offered page.

Most modern platforms today will, at some level, be connected to monitoring systems. The ability to capture, analyse and react to real-time metrics and performance information directly from the platform is now a reality.

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) is closing the gap and changing the paradigm for the maintainer and supporting of sophisticated hardware.

Add into this mix of the connected platform and the ability to produce XML-based technical publications, primarily through the guidance of specifications like S1000D, opportunity to exploit our technical content is a reality.

In S1000D, just like any technical publication, we can identify components of content, elements that can be leveraged and triggered by external systems far beyond the printed page. S1000D provides the publication producer with the capability to configure the technical content so that it is delivered ‘as needed when needed’.

The S1000D Process Data Module provides a mechanism where the Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) can come even closer to the connected platform — accepting feedback from the platform monitoring systems to the IETP triggering external processes well before the platform has returned from the mission.

The ability to directly connect the IETP to the live platform and systems is now a reality, concatenating the maintenance process and delivering real-term annual budget savings.

Changing Role of the Technical Publication – Join us on this webinar where you will learn from those making this a reality for clients today. Through initiatives like Condition Based Maintenance + and S1000D based technical publications and the connected IETP.

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