XML and S1000D Fundamentals (online)

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Understanding XML and S1000D – Fundamentals (Online Course)


TDW delivers world-class and independent S1000D training to the information specialists in the aerospace, defence and space domains. The Understanding XML and S1000D course (online) has taken our classroom-based training and has been converted to an online version of this excellent course.

We start the course looking at the role of structured languages why they were developed and how they are used today. We then move into how S1000D builds on the capability of the structure methodologies and how S1000D works.

Digging deeper into S1000D we cover the S1000D principles, processes and codification methodologies. Looking at what S1000D expects and what we can achieve in the real-world of information creation, deployment and management.

Once we are happy with the principles and processes, we move into some more complex topics, data exchange and publishing as well as how S1000D supports configuration controls with Applicability.

How will the course be delivered?

The course is a fully online interactive video course where students can take the course at your own pace. Each lesson is supported by real-examples and scenarios of use. All students are able to ask questions as the course progresses and Mike will post answers to the training platform.

Cost, booking and further information

For more information please email claire@techdataworld.com

Some of what you will learn on this course:

  • The background, role and history of structured languages – where did they come from and why?
  • The key S1000D philosophies, why and how the specification is designed to work in the way that it does
  • Digging deeper looking at S1000D structures, codification and key modules
  • Diving into some Modules and how they work with key elements
  • Controlling an S1000D project including how we exchange S1000D content
  • Configuring our content with S1000D Applicability
  • The role of Business Rules, BREX and how they are used
  • Publishing S1000D content and the types of deliverables
  • Where S1000D is strong, weak and alternatives to using the specification
  • Typical software and what we will need

Watch the introduction: