A2Z – C of S1000D

S1000D C – this weeks A2Z of S1000D

S1000D C – This week join Mike on a hike as he walks the South Downs taking in some of the wonderful Sussex scenery yet still finds time to talk about the A2Z of S1000D – this week it is everything from Cost through to Career Changing Decisions!

Mike looks at some of the hot issues around the use of ASD S1000D – but all the words he could think of in the “C” of the, dealing with change, making those Career Changing Decisions

Please accept our apologies for the microphone issues mid-way through – technology let us down whilst we were in the middle of the Downs and did not notice until we got back to edit the video!

What would make your “C” list in the A2Z of S1000D? Let us know!

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